$5 for all GeneXpert tests!

Time for $5 goes global!

Tens of thousands of people in 176 countries (and counting!) have come out to ask Danaher & Cepheid to drop the price of their tests! 

Through our global petition, we are showing GeneXpert manufacturer Cepheid, and its parent corporation Danaher, how people from all over the world care about this price gouging.

Help us reach even more people by sharing the petition link with your friends and family.

The 'Time for $5' coalition is coordinated by MSF Access Campaign, Partners in Health and Treatment Action Group (TAG), together with more than 150 civil society organizations working to improve access to GeneXpert instruments and tests.

Since 2019, we have been calling on Cepheid and Danaher to lower the price of GeneXpert tests to $5 per test for all diseases. Learn more about the Time for $5 campaign here.